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Broadway mail from Saycon!

Hey everyone,
I just got Broadway mail back from Saycon today. So I reach inside my envelope and pull out this card that has my name on it, I open it up and it's a thank you card. It reads: "Dear Sara, Thanks for supporting me and writing to me. It's so awesome to have support from people like you. I wish you much success this school year and many years to come! Hope to see you at the stage door! Saycon." I next pull out her headshot, and might I just say how beautiful this girl is! I mean MY GOD she's gorgeous. Anyway the headshot is signed and says: "Thanks for writing me Sara! Love Saycon Sengbloh." Now I thought I saw done but something was still in there. SHE SENT ME A PLAYBILL. She signed the front and where her name is. I love Saycon for life now and I hope to meet her when I go to New York.

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