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Saycon Sengbloh
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Welcome to the Livejournal Community for actress Saycon Sengbloh.

Saycon Sengbloh is currently the Standby for
the role of Elphaba [currently played by Shoshana Bean] in the hit musical "Wicked".

saycon_sengbloh is a community for fans of the amazingly talented actress Saycon Sengbloh feel free to chat and discuss her performance in any shows she performed in: post the latest news, articles, photos, and appearances, as well sharing your own experiences and reviews of the musical. you may even discuss Saycon's musical talents outside of theatre.

as most commuinities, this community comes with a small set of rules. please abide by all of the rules, or you will be banned from this community.

-: no talk of illegal material, such as bootleg videos, audios or live files. also, televised events of the show are also forbidden, for they are copyrigthed by the producer of the television program. sharing files of her songs from her cd are also forbidden.

-: all spoliers from any shows Saycon performed in must be behind a lj-cut, to assure every fan will get full enjoyment of the show Saycon was in.

-: you may post icons and/or other graphis and work of art, however post them under a lj-cut three icons or less are permitted outside of a lj-cut.

-: all posts must be on topic with the musical "Saycon Sengbloh. if you are unsure if it is related, odds are it isn't, and please think before you post.

-: repect each other and our own personal rules, and we should all get along.

You can write to Saycon at:
Saycon Sengbloh
c/o Gershwin Theatre Stage Door
242 West 51st Street
New York City, NY 10019

HEADS UP! Yes, Saycon does visit this website, and she does comment. Do not think a comment labeled from Saycon is phony, and do not comment phony comments. I know the truth, as well does Saycon. Being mean to Saycon or being a Saycon imposter will ban you from this community.