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Hey Guys..

I'm Nick, future co-prez of Say's fan-club with Lee (aka _glindaissex.) Sorry it took me so long to get in here and join the community. But what can I say, better late than never? lol

A little "Saycon back story." Two or three months ago, I sent Say a gift basket as a late congratulations gift for going on for the first time. After that, I talked to Lee about it through the Wicked on Broadway site, hence the fanclub idea being born. But anyway.. I emailed Saycon after sending it to make sure she got it, and she replied with a nice gracious email. Ever since then, we've emailed back and forth. She sent me this great package with two signed pics, her cd, her calendar, and a thank you card.. That's Say for you, always so thoughtful.

Anyway, I had gotten this really awesome Wicked charm bracelet and it didnt get here in time for the gift basket, so I sent it along after (and told Say it was coming.) Well Saturday she sent me the nicest thank you card for it! So Saycon, if you're reading this, I sent you a proper thank you through email but I love you forever, even though you already know that lol, and I WILL keep in touch! You make me feel awesome too!

So that's my "Say Story," and I will now be around more often. So glad to see this thing up and running..


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