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Saycon as Elphaba

Hey everyone,
Here's some news on Saycon.
Saycon will be going on as Elphaba on Saturday July 23rd and Sunday July 24th.
Get your tickets now! lol
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Yaaaaay! Thanks! I am gonna try the Saturday. Do you know if it will be both Saturday shows!?
Hi guys omg! I just found out about this site because I have not checked my web email in weeks!!! Please forgive me. I can't believe this its awesome and I am so moved by this show of appreciation!

You will certainly hear more from me later but I have been up since yesterday morning and have yet to go to sleep!

Stay tuned for another letter from Say!

I love you guys!
PS- I'll be checking my email more often for sure!!!
I'm so glad that you commented! And I'm so glad you responded to my e-mail!

I can't wait to hear more from you!

We all love you!
Wow! Thanks so much for commenting, Say!
You're amazing, and like dirtyohso_dirty said, we all LOVE you!