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CD Baby! [January 21st, 2006 » 12:45 PM]

Hey Guys,

I got Saycon's CD the other day, and it is amazing. I highly suggest that you all go and order it. It's fantastic!
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Mailing Saycon [November 7th, 2005 » 9:07 PM]

I mailing Saycon a letter. I am just wondering how long do u think she will take to send back one? Also I am asking for a signed whatever. Does anyone know what she will sign on?
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[October 5th, 2005 » 8:33 PM]

[ mood | giddy ]

Today, we had an interesting snippet of discussion in my "Broadway and Beyond"
class about understudies.

The thing is that I just happen to go to
Saycon's old college -- Agnes Scott.

So the teacher (Saycon, if you're
reading this, it's Dr. Thompson) and I had a little discussion about her and I
got all happy and stuff. But I think that no one else in the class knew exactly
who we were talking about. Which makes me sad. I shall have to educate them, and

So...apparently she has to stay in an 8 or 9-block radius
around the Gershwin on show nights just in case something goes wrong? That's
kind of interesting, I think. When I saw Wicked, I only saw Shoshana, but
I do love them both. I love the role in general. It makes me wanna be on
Broadway (which won't happen, but a girl can dream).

And I also wish she
could've stayed in her role in The Color Purple that she had for previews
at The Alliance. I wish I could've seen the previews. Apparently my teacher did
and said Saycon did a wonderful job.

And so that's my Saycon-squee of the


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Saycon's Dates - [August 30th, 2005 » 8:42 PM]

Hey everyone! I just got news that Saycon is going on during the September 6th and 7th performances. I hope you can catch her perform!

And she really likes the new layout!
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Saycon Stuff? [August 29th, 2005 » 1:40 PM]

Does anybody have a picture or scan of the understudy slip that says Saycon will be performing. And does anybody have a picture of the sign that reads "At This Performance..." and annouces Saycon will be on as Elphaba? Thanks!
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Saycon Fans - [August 8th, 2005 » 4:12 PM]

We've got a new layout, thanks to many devoted fans. It looks amazing, so thank you.

We've got a new information page, so please check it out.

Does anyone have any fun Saycon stories to share? I think we should all post a great Saycon story, like stage door, meeting her, seeing her perform, ect...
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[August 4th, 2005 » 1:05 AM]

hey guys,

with the help of dana, i tried to do a new layout on here. it looks pretty good, i just 1- need to figure out how to get a header up(courtney is on that now)...and how to change the font colors, so it doesnt look so horrendous anc clashy with the background and HEADER THAT IS COMMING SOON.

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[August 2nd, 2005 » 3:29 AM]

random, im tired.....but


that ends my rant.

love, lee
future co pres of the saycon famclub(which needs money)
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Bryant Park! [July 30th, 2005 » 1:15 PM]

Saycon preformed amazingly at Bryant Park this past Thursday! I was there, and I got a picture with her and introduced myself as Danny, the maker of this community. She flipped out with excitment, and preformed "The Wizard and I" for a sound check/rehersal. At the end she said "That was for you, Danny!" Yes, Saycon preformed a song for me!

She does love this site, too. I've noticed many icons and pictures of her from Bryant Park. Whoelse was there?
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[July 25th, 2005 » 9:37 PM]

[ mood | good ]

Hey Guys..

I'm Nick, future co-prez of Say's fan-club with Lee (aka _glindaissex.) Sorry it took me so long to get in here and join the community. But what can I say, better late than never? lol

A little "Saycon back story." Two or three months ago, I sent Say a gift basket as a late congratulations gift for going on for the first time. After that, I talked to Lee about it through the Wicked on Broadway site, hence the fanclub idea being born. But anyway.. I emailed Saycon after sending it to make sure she got it, and she replied with a nice gracious email. Ever since then, we've emailed back and forth. She sent me this great package with two signed pics, her cd, her calendar, and a thank you card.. That's Say for you, always so thoughtful.

Anyway, I had gotten this really awesome Wicked charm bracelet and it didnt get here in time for the gift basket, so I sent it along after (and told Say it was coming.) Well Saturday she sent me the nicest thank you card for it! So Saycon, if you're reading this, I sent you a proper thank you through email but I love you forever, even though you already know that lol, and I WILL keep in touch! You make me feel awesome too!

So that's my "Say Story," and I will now be around more often. So glad to see this thing up and running..



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[July 24th, 2005 » 9:30 AM]

So, Saycon went on yesterday and should be going on again today. Did anyone see her?
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Broadway mail from Saycon! [July 21st, 2005 » 4:20 PM]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Hey everyone,
I just got Broadway mail back from Saycon today. So I reach inside my envelope and pull out this card that has my name on it, I open it up and it's a thank you card. It reads: "Dear Sara, Thanks for supporting me and writing to me. It's so awesome to have support from people like you. I wish you much success this school year and many years to come! Hope to see you at the stage door! Saycon." I next pull out her headshot, and might I just say how beautiful this girl is! I mean MY GOD she's gorgeous. Anyway the headshot is signed and says: "Thanks for writing me Sara! Love Saycon Sengbloh." Now I thought I saw done but something was still in there. SHE SENT ME A PLAYBILL. She signed the front and where her name is. I love Saycon for life now and I hope to meet her when I go to New York.


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[July 12th, 2005 » 1:57 PM]
Hey guys! I love Saycon, and am rather new to this community.

Just wondering where I can e-mail her at. Could I do so on the e-mail address on her website? Or does she have a personal e-mail address? If someone has her personal e-mail address and is not allowed to give it out, that's cool, I was just wondering how I could contact her without having to send her a letter.

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[July 8th, 2005 » 11:33 PM]

[ mood | excited ]

Hi! I'm new here! I've never seen Saycon in Wicked, but I've *cough* heard her and she has one of the most amazing, powerful voices I've ever heard. I wish I could see her, but I'm missing her by 3 days when I see Wicked. I hope, however, I can see her in The Color Purple if she brings it to Broadway! Hopefully it would mean a Tony for her.

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SAYCON! [July 8th, 2005 » 12:29 PM]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Hey Fans!

I e-mailed Saycon a month ago-ish, and she e-mailed me back! Check out the previous post, that IS her that commented! I know for a fact it is, so please don't delete it or anything mean like that!

Previous post: http://www.livejournal.com/community/saycon_sengbloh/3116.html

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Saycon as Elphaba [July 4th, 2005 » 4:02 PM]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey everyone,
Here's some news on Saycon.
Saycon will be going on as Elphaba on Saturday July 23rd and Sunday July 24th.
Get your tickets now! lol

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Saycon Dates? [June 19th, 2005 » 7:45 PM]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey Fans,

I was just wondering if anyone has any information about Saycon going on as Elphaba in the future, or appearing at events.


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Saycon Offical Fanclub [May 28th, 2005 » 11:14 AM]

I sent her an email, with a friend, asking to start her offical fanclub.

here was my original email....
Hello Saycon,

My name is Lee *insertlastnamehere*. I am a big fan of yours, having seen you in Aida and Wicked. My friend Nick, who sent you the large gift basket to Wicked, and I would like to begin your official fanclub, consisting of a yahoo email group, Message board, and a fan site. You are so incredibly talented, and It would give me such pleasure to start your fanclub, as many of the Wicked stars have fanclubs (ie- Megan Hilty- Sparkle, Shoshana Bean- Shotime, Jennifer Laura Thompson- Shine, and kristin Chenoweth- Glitter). Please email me back if you are open to these Ideas.

Respectfully, Lee

today, about a month later, i recieved this....


i WOULD LOVE TO HELP IN ANY WAY. Please be aware that I have finally finished a
move that took forever because of some legistical problems and I will be gettin
my internet service in my apartment this Monday. This is why I have been so
slow returning emails. I should be on track next week. Thank you for your
patience during this time!!!

You are awesome and you will hear from me soon.


I am like ON CLOUD 9 right now. Horray for the first offical saycon fanclub.

but what should we call it?

my friend was thinking Say Anything.....I liked it, but we are open for ideas.

thanks, lee
future co pres of the offical saycon fanclub
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[May 17th, 2005 » 3:50 PM]

There is an exclusive interview with Saycon here!

Check it out!
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Saycon pics [April 9th, 2005 » 10:06 PM]

[ mood | amused ]

i am wondering if anyone has pics of saycon when she went on as elphaba one nite?

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